Meet Author, Adam Willis

I spent the first sixteen years of my life trying to fill the void in my heart.

During those years I sought all I could to feel alive and free. I never succeeded. I was invited to a church when I was in high school by a good friend of mine and after a few months of listening to the pastor speak I realized that he offered what I needed: mercy. I never knew until that moment how desperately I needed God. How it had progressed from desire and want to a true need for Jesus. I prayed that night, maybe for the first real time ever and I felt the presence of a living, vibrant God. I grew up in a house where my parents were divorced and we struggled to make ends meet. I was not the popular kid, or the good looking kid but God didn’t care about any of that. He loved me anyway, more than that He offered me His mercy and forgiveness. I knew that night in October of 1996 that my life would be forever different. I was immediately struck with a desire to help others find the truth I had struggled so much to discover. I was frantic with need.

I began by volunteering in my home church in Bible studies, devotionals, discipleships, anything I could do to share the love of God. I went away to college and began to serve in the inner-city at missions to try and show a present God to youth. I have since worked in urban, rural, and suburban churches and my passion for youth has never diminished. I attained a degree in Communications for the University of Kentucky and studied under Jim Hampton while attaining my Masters in Youth ministry. Those degrees and years of experienced have honed my desire for helping youth and shaped my life from that fateful day in October. It is time for me to teach, to share with others who are shaping youth and it is from that desire that Practical Youth Ministries was born.
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